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Raymond Bentley New York Mills 2011

11th Finglish trip August 2011 #25

Raymond Bentley's grandmother's place, the old Tapio Farm, is now the Finn Creek Open Air Museum. His mother was born there, the daughter of Siffert from Jurva, Finland and Wilhelmiina, from Ii in northern Finland. They were granted the homestead in 1900.

Raymond Bentley's parents were Norman and Tekla Bentley. The father's family was originally named Penttilä in Finnish. One of Raymond's nephews recently changed his name back to Penttilä.

Raymond Bentley spent his whole working life as a first mate of an iron freighter on the Great Lakes. He would sail seven days a week from Marquette to Cleveland and Buffalo; his only longer holidays at home were during Christmas time. Now in retirement, he volunteers at the local heritage museum.

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