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Finglish - Finns in North America 2013

Finglish Book and Photo Exhibition completed May 2013

The Finglish-project was finally completed in the spring of 2013, a photo book and two different versions of the photo exhibition. A total of eleven photography and interview trips were made each year between the years 2004 and 2011. The whole year 2012 was spent writing and editing interviews and scanning and selecting pictures.

The book was published by Musta Taide / Aalto Photo Books and the photo exhibition opened in May at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki. The photo exhibition toured several locations both in Finland and in the USA. Also several presentations of the project were made in Finland, the USA and Canada.

In addition to the book and the photo exhibition, a short film "Rauntrippi Piutista Suppuriin"

a website and a blog were made so all the commitments made to the donors were fulfilled.

I would like to thank the following people for helping with the project: Anneli Alperin, Cindy Asiala, Hilkka Douglas, Ron Erickson, Paul Halme, Betsy Hannula, Jorma Hinkka, Art Jura, Arthur Koski, Richard Koski, James Kurtti, Red Lauttamus, Eric Leskinen, Varpu Lindström Teemu Luukka, Peter Makila, Päivi Oja, Annette Oppedahl, Tiina Purtonen, Mikko Rahikka, Heleena Savela, Earl Seppala, Jenni Stammeier, Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa and Marianne Wargelin

Special thanks to Margaret Oinaala and Agnes Johnson Family.


Vesa Oja

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