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New Finland - Uusi Suomi 2011

11th Finglish trip July 2011 #19

Together with their families, David Jeremia Kautonen, John Lauttamus and Matti Mustoma were the first settlers in New Finland, Saskatchewan, Canada. They described the place in letters to Finland and before long there were over 50 Finns in the area, as well as new settlers from Minnesota and Dakota.

St. John’s Lutheran Church was built in 1900. Services are held three times a month. This large church was originally at the edge of the local cemetery, but was later moved in two parts to its present site.

New Finland, isle of the distant prairie /the winds of God blow over you/ May your life reach high/ and may your starts be guarded from upon high”, free translation of an excerpt of a poem by Henry Saarinen, which he inscribed in Finnish on the wall of the church.

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