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Howard Carlson Rocklake 2011

11th Finglish trip July 2011 #21

Howard Carlson's grandfather came in 1912 from Kuusamo, Finland to Washington State to work in a mine. Arriving at Ellis Island, grandfather Jooseppi Luukkonen was asked if he could use an easier name, and he was officially recorded as Carlson. Jooseppi tried to manage for a few months as Luukkonen, but found it hard and changed back to Carlson.

The grandfather was in an accident in the mine in which his best friend died and he himself was buried up to his waist. He then decided to start farming and obtained a homestead in Rolla, North Dakota. Howard Carlson's grandmother was of the Juntunen family of Rolla.

Both homesteads still exist and are farmed by Howard Carlson's cousins. Howard's family is in the canola business at Rocklake next door to Rolla. They control the whole chain of production from growing to trucks for distribution.

Next Savo Hall and Savo Church Frederick South Dakota USA

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