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Harvey Barberg Cokato 2011

11th Finglish trip August 2011 #32

Isak Parpa (later Barberg) came to Cokato, Minnesota, from Ylitornio, Northern Finland, in 1866.The previous year, Mathias Kärjenaho, Elias Peltoperä, Olaf Westerberg and John Wiinikka had arrived to Mooer´s Prairie. Each of them chose an 80-acre homestead near Lake Cokato. Isak Parpa built his first house in 1868 and Harvey Barberg still lives there.

Five generations of Barbergs have lived there. The house is the oldest built by Finnish pioneers still in use in the Cokato community.

The Onnen Toivo (Hope of Happines) Temperance Society was founded in 1896 as a branch of Minnesota Temperance Society. That year the group built the Temperance Hall at Wright County Roads 3 and 100. The Crossroads soon became known as Temperance Corner.

The Cockato Savu Sauna is said to be the first sauna in Minnesota dating back to 1866. It was used by three Finnish families, the Barbergs, Selväläs and Salmonsons. The sauna was moved from its original location to Temperance Corner in 1976.

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