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Finnish Pioneer Monument Minneapolis 2011

11th Finglish trip August 2011 #33

The Finns of Minneapolis gathered every summer to celebrate “juhannus”, midsummer, in Theodore Wirth Park, west of the old Finntown. In 1958 some 400 Finnish Americans gathered in the park to unveil a monument for Finnish Pioneers. The monument was erected by the Finnish American Society of Minneapolis.

This granite monument features, on one side, a map of Finland, marking also the lands lost in Finland’s mid-twentieth century wars, and, on the other side, a map of Minnesota, honoring the 1864 start of Modern Finnish Immigration to North America.

The following words are engraved on the monument:

"Finland, from this land of Kalevala immigrants have arrived on the North American continent since 1638. In memory of the Finnish pioneers who since 1864 through their ideals, industry and sisu have helped to develop the great State of Minnesota."

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