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Armi Nelson Minneapolis 2011

11th Finglish trip August 2011 #35

Armi Nelson´s father Aarne Koskinen was from Raisio, Finland. He came to Duluth, Minnesota, to work as a lumberjack. Armi´s mother was Signe Rintamäki from Neppolankylä, Finland. After they got married in Duluth they moved to Superior, Wisconsin.

Armi Nelson worked as a teacher in Golden Valley and Edina, Minnesota, where she also was an administrator for many years. She lives in Edina in a senior house with her cat Osmo. The cat is named after the Finnish conductor Osmo Vänskä.

In her retirement Armi devoted her time and expertise on the boards of the Salolampi Foundation and Finlandia Foundation National. On both she helped improve the quality of their publications and as the Salolampi Foundation Board President she helped direct the building of the Salolampi Finnish Language Village complex.

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