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Acequia Madre House Santa Fe 2011

11th Finglish trip July 2011 #5

Sometimes called “The House of the Three Wise Women” The Acequia Madre House was built by Eva Scott Fényes, her daughter, Leonora S. M. Curtin, and granddaughter, Leonora F. Curtin, who later became Mrs. Yrjö Paloheimo.

Over the course of 150 years, these three women studied and participated in cultural conservation of the regions in which they lived and traveled, including ethnobotany of Northern New Mexico, Native American languages and songs, Western and Southwestern architecture, and the arts and folk arts of the United States and Finland.

They contributed substantially to the communities in which they lived, wrote to each other daily, and saved nearly everything. The result is a remarkable archive--a time capsule covering the period from 1849 to 1999.

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