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Danielson Homestead Drummond Island 2010

10th Finglish trip July 2010 #13

This small homestead has remained in almost original condition at its site in the middle of a forest. The couple who presently own it have considered converting the cabin into a museum.

The homestead belonged to Oscar Danielson family. Oscar came to Drummond Island from Ironwood, Michigan. He arrived with Andrew Kilstrom and Charles Jarvinen. Oscar and Lyyli Danielson had two children, Lydia and Adolph.

As boats were the best means of transportation, plans were made to build one. The three men from Ironwood got some good pine of the Korpi place. None of them had ever built a boat but they saw the lumber and started to build the first boat for Kilstrom, then Jarvinen improved upon the first model. Danielson´s was third.

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