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Markku & Hilkka Ketola Howell 2010

10th Finglish trip July 2010 #7

Markku Ketola was born in Lappajärvi, Finland. He came to Ishpeming in Upper Michigan with his uncle in 1952. Markku´s grandparents had lived in Copper Island in USA and in Sudbury, Canada but they had returned back to Finland. Markku went to school in Ishpeming and studied electrical engineering in Michigan Tech University in Houghton. He worked as electrical engineer for 30 years with Ford Company.

In the Vietnam War Markku served one year in Cam Ranh Bay and Khe San. He was wounded in the ambush of Vietcong guerrillas where several of his unit's soldiers died. Markku was awarded with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

Hilkka Ketola was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her parents came from Jurva, Ostrobothnia, Finland. Hilkka and Markku got married in 1974 in Windsor, Canada. She worked as a financial analyst at the University of Michigan Medical School. They both are active in the Finnish American community.

Markku writes articles about Finland in local newspapers, he always ends his story with a funny joke. Ketolas have a summer cottage and a sauna by Lake Superior near Marquette, Michigan.

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