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Finn Camp Wixom 2010

10th Finglish trip July 2010 #5

Between Loon Lake and Sun Lake there is a narrow, boggy isthmus where the Finns of the 14th St. Hall in Detroit established the Detroit Finnish Co-operative Summer Camp Association and its resort site. At first, in the 1920s, families spent the summer here in tents while the men went to work in the city. The area was gradually developed, with a sauna and pier first, followed by a diving tower. The swimming site is warmly remembered – regardless of political affiliation.

A dance hall and a sports ground were later built by volunteer work. The athletic field was built on boggy ground, which had to be filled with wrecked cars. Golf, baseball and football. The Voima Athletics Club is still active. There were several outdoor dance floors, because the venues had to be changed according to the mosquito situation. There were weekly dances and theatrical performances in the hall and even Viola Turpeinen performed there. The tents were replaced by small cabins, which finally numbered over a hundred.

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