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Old Finntown Detroit 2010

10th Finglish trip July 2010 #4

Old Finntown in Detroit, Michigan is a desolated and sad looking neighborhood, burned down empty house after another. It used to be a lively place where thousands of Finnish Americans lived from 1920s to 1950s in the heyday of Detroit's automotive industry. It is estimated that at the most there were 10.000 Finns in Detroit. Upper Peninsula Finns started to move to Detroit, when in 1905 Henry Ford announced that he would pay workingmen $5 a day.

Detroitin suomalaisten vuosikirja - Yearbook of Finns in Detroit 1935, includes a list of Finnish societies and institutions in Greater Detroit:

Kaleva Koti

K. N. Aurattaren Tupa No. 49 Suomi Club Finnish Marxian Club of Detroit Ev. Lut. Suomi-Synodin Seurakunta Detroitin Kaupungin Suomenkielinen kirjasto Raittiusseura "Rajan Vartija" Finlandia Club Detroitin Suomalainen Työväenyhdistys Ev. Lut. Samaria Seurakunta Det. Suom. Apost. Luth. Seurakunta The Finnish American Club of Detroit Detroitin Ap. Luth. Seurakunta

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