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Ruben Ruhkala Rocklin 2009

8th Finglish trip June 2009 #33

Ruben Ruhkala's father Matt Ruhkala was born in Kalajoki Finland. Matt Ruhkala arrived in Rocklin in 1889 and immediately found work in the thriving granite quarries. Beginning as a quarryman, he worked his way up until he understood every phase of the granite business. He was especially noted for being a first class stone cutter, having learned that trade thoroughly at Rocklin and

San Francisco.

Matt Ruhkala married Eva Ericson at Berkeley. Ruben is one of eleven children of Matt and Eva Ruhkala. The Ruhkala family operated 6 granite quarries throughout the years. The company has been family owned for over 120 years. Ruben and his brothers owned and operated Union Granite Company until 1976, which was the last working quarry in Rocklin.

The Ruhkala family has long been prominent in Rocklin’s history. Ruhkala Elementary opened in 2005 and Ruhkala Park at Surfbird Lane and Arnold Drive and Ruhkala Road off of Pacific Street were all named for the family.

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