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Tuula Malmi and Leena Freyer Bronx 2008

7th Finglish trip September 2008 #36

Tuula Malmi and Leena Freyer live in the old Finnish Co-op apartment house Varma in the Bronx, New York City. Tuula Malmi runs a catering business out of her house in the Bronx year-round. She is a master of traditional Finnish cuisine. Tuula was also the head chef at the New York Estonian House for more than twenty years. Leena Freyer is the president of the Varma Cooperative Home Corporation.

Varma Cooperative Homes was started by a Finnish community in 1925 and everybody was Finnish. Three men, Erkki Elo, Vilho Hedman and Riku Siren organized a group of Finns to invent on a co-operative basis in houses in the Bronx. Four houses where purchased, one of them, Varma still exist at Walton Avenue.

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