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Anna-Liisa Rintala Manhattan 2008

7th Finglish trip September 2008 #35

Anna-Liisa was born in 1928 in Pori, Finland. Anna-Liisa lived with her aunts after her parents got divorced when she was six years old. During the Winter War in 1940 as a teenager Anna-Liisa was rescued by the Swedish Red Cross first to Sweden and eventually to Norway to live with her relatives. A day before Hitler occupied Norway in April 1940 Anna-Liisa moved to her aunt to New York City.

She started to work as a maid in Brooklyn. During World War II she worked as a waitress in many restaurants including the Plaza Hotel. Then she started to work at the Presbyterian Church where she was trained as an office clerk. After that she worked at the Methodist Church. She was a volunteer at the Bideawee Animal Rescue for many years.

She rejoices with delight the dances at the 5th Avenue Hall in Harlem. The best dances where at the Labor Temple at 15 West 126th Street, it had a Roof Garden for dancing. She also visited dances at the Imatra Hall in Brooklyn Finntown.

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