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Helena Laitinen Brooklyn 2008

7th Finglish trip September 2008 #25

Helena Laitinen feels she is "The Last Finn" in the old Brooklyn Finntown where more and more Chinese immigrants are coming. She does not consider herself a migrant but an American because she was born in America although her parents were both Finns. They came from Pieksämäki and Viipuri.

Helena worked most of her career as an editor in the publishing house and her last job was at the law firm. Her home church was the Finnish Golgotha Congregational Church. She taught the children of Finnish families in the Sunday School of the Golgotha Church.

Helena knows the history of the Brooklyn Finntown very well and would like to see signs on the walls of the old Finnish buildings, Co-ops, Churches, Halls etc. which would explain the history of the area.

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