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Pentti & Marja-Liisa Palonen Brooklyn 2008

7th Finglish trip September 2008 #24

Pentti Palonen came from Finland to the Unites States in 1946 to study in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Marja-Liisa was born in Kotka in Southern Finland. In 1973 Pentti started to work as a pastor at the Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brooklyn. The name of the church had historical significance to Finns because a church of that name was built in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Swedes and Finns in the year 1700.

The religious work among the Finnish people in Brooklyn started in 1887 when Pastor Emil Panelius came to New York City as a seaman´s pastor from Finland. He was asked to conduct service also in Brooklyn. The new congregation was incorporated on June 10, 1891, under the name " The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Brooklyn." It joined the Suomi Synod in 1902.

The church started as a Finnish church, but since 1946, the services were conducted in both Finnish and English. At some point the church merged or disbanded, and the building is now used by Iglesia Evangelica Principe de Paz, and Assembly of God congregation.

Pentti Palonen traveled every year to Finland to get rehabilitation for Finnish war veterans.

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