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Jacqueline Harjula South Thomaston 2008

7th Finglish trip August 2008 #7

Retirees have time on their hands. Jacqueline Harjula is one of the active women of Finnish Heritage House in South Thomaston, where a large body of material on local Finnish history is stored. The local inhabitants along the road and the pupils of the one-room village school were Finns. Standing next to the present Heritage House is the Finnish Congregational Church of South Thomaston, Maine.

Mission statement of the FHH says: "It is the mission of the Finnish Heritage House to preserve the memory of our immigrant ancestors. They freely chose a new homeland, and transplanted the seed of the Finnish people to be assimilated within the American dream. In their honor, we pledge to help their descendants in tracing their family roots, as well as promoting closer ties between our two nations.

Next Elias P McKeen Jr. West Paris Maine USA.

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