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Kangas Family New Ipswich 2008

7th Finglish trip August 2008 #1

Randy and Karen Kangas have seven children, six boys and a girl, David, Joshua, Tim, Peter, Ben, John and Sarah. They live in a small southern New Hampshire town of New Ipswich.

Randy is a architect and Karen teaches their children at home.

Randy's grandparents came from Lapua, Ostrobothnia. Their family name was originally Kankaanpää but it was too difficult to pronounce and it was shortened to Kangas. Karen nee. Andersson has also Finnish ancestry, her mother is from Esko, Minnesota.

There are about 2000 American Finns in New Ipswich area and two thirds of them are Apostolic Lutherans. Two Apostolic Lutheran, one Lutheran and a Hope Fellowship Church serve the population. Kangas family is active in Hope Fellowship Church.

Next Susan Kielinen Rockport Massachusetts USA.

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