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Finnish Lutheran Church of Seattle 2007

6th Finglish trip December 2007 #8

On December 7, 1919, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed. A week later in 1919, the newly formed congregation applied for membership in the Suomi Synod of the Finnish American Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Finnish Lutheran Church has occupied its present site at the intersection of NW 85th Street and 13th Avenue NW, in the Crown Hill district of Seattle, since 1954. This was a newly constructed facility. City records indicate that the church was previously located a few miles south of its present location at 1706 NW 65th in the community of Ballard.

Church services are now bi-lingual, with the sermon delivered in Finnish or English on alternating Sundays. The congregation has also reached out to the community of Swedish speaking Finns and their families and proudly includes a significant number in its membership

Next Hera Were Owen Seattle Washington USA

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