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Lempi Wilson Edmonds 2007

6th Finglish trip December 2007 #7

Lempi Kähönen-Wilson (1926-2015) was born in Karelia, Finland. Lempi survived through the Soviet Union attacks of Karelia in WWII, and later lived in Australia before immigrating to the U.S. in 1964. Lempi was a published writer/poet and very active in the Finnish community. She published her memoirs "Tyttö maailmalla I-II" (1997-98).

Lempi was a long time usher at the Finnish Lutheran Church of Seattle, helping to keep the altar look good, setting up the communion, etc. She was baking pulla for coffee and fundraising, and last, but not the least, was writing her monthly "Lempin terveiset" in the bulletin "Kirkkopulletiini."

Next Finnish Lutheran Church of Seattle, Ballard USA

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