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Carl & Martha Kulla Brush Prairie 2007

6th Finglish trip December 2007 #2

Carl Arthur Kulla (1920-2013), was born to Emil and Ella in Brainerd, Minnesota. Both Emil and Ella were of Laestadian background. Emil had come in contact with Laestadians–including Ella–in Helsinki, Finland around 1895.

In 1940 Carl began to serve as a preacher in the Minneapolis congregation of the Apostolic Lutheran Federation, the most tolerant branch of Laestadianism. He would continue in that office for sixty years. Carl became one of the foremost historians of Laestadianism and a friend to many within not just his own Apostolic Lutheran Federation, but the other branches as well.

Those groups were the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, the Apostolic Lutheran Federation, and “the Heidemans.” The last of those three was known as the (Finnish) Apostolic Lutheran Church until the split with the Torola group in 1973, resulting in the First Apostolic Lutheran Church and its rival, the American Association of Laestadian Congregations, now the Laestadian Lutheran Church.

Carl married his wife, Martha Johnson in 1945. Martha Eleanore (Johnson) Kulla (1926-2013) was born in Boston Location, Michigan. Carl and Martha were married for 67 years. They were blessed with 11 children, 66 grandchildren, 150 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.

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