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Lisa da Cunha-Koski Interlaken 2007

5th Finglish trip July 2007 #34

Elizabeth 'Lisa' da Cunha-Koski (1934-2015) was born in Deposit, NY, a daughter of Walter and Elsie Sunsted Herrala. She graduated from Interlaken High School and went on to SUNY Geneseo to graduate a bachelor's degree in education. She then taught English and history at Pittsford Jr. High for two years, after which she returned to Geneseo to work as assistant professor of education.

Following the death of her Argentine husband, Carlos da Cunha, she returned from South America to live in the Finger Lakes, and served as interim professor of sociology at FLCC in Geneva. Returning to her roots in the area, Lisa became an active member of the Finger Lakes Finns, serving as its president for three years. It was here she met her husband Richard Koski with whom she enjoyed traveling all over the United States and Europe and accompanying him on his many musical activities with the Toivo band.

Lisa was a prolific and sensitive poet, drawing inspiration from nature and the ups and downs of the human condition. Her passion for education, universal health care, world peace, and protecting the environment was very active, with many letters written, demonstrations marched in, and actions taken against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the Vietnam war, the U.S. secret wars in Central America, and the Iraq war.

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