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Lomala 2007

5th Finglish trip July 2007 #31

Lomala (”Vacation Place”) was founded in the 1920s by Finnish tailors, who wanted a summer vacation site outside New York City. Some Finnish-American families still live here, and there is a small building called the Lomala Civic Center with a good size kitchen, where Finnish parties are held, which is also available for rental for private parties. Lomala is located in Hopewell Junction 70 miles north from New York City.

Paavo or Paul Lampi was born in Finland and came with his brother to Union City, New Jersey at the age of 16 in 1948. Paul worked in construction. He moved to Lomala in 1955, first paying rent, but building his own house before long. Paul liked the area very much, because it was comfortable and there were many Finns. His friend Erkki Korby is a Finnish War Veteran, he was injured in Äyräpää in Karelian isthmus in 1944. Erkki is a retired construction builder. Both Paul and Erkki are active members of Finnish War Veterans Ryhti Chapter.

The Dutch Colonial brick and fieldstone house that sits on the east side of Lomala Road, was built in 1738 by John Brinckerhoff. During the Revolutionary War, when Continental Army troops were stationed in Fishkill, Col. Brinckerhoff became a friend of Gen. George Washington. Washington was a frequent guest at the Brinckerhoff homestead and enjoyed the visits as a period of relief from his stressful oversight of the army.

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