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John Morton Homestead 2007

5th Finglish trip July 2007 #28

One of the colonists of New Sweden who remained in America after Sweden's authority has ended was Morten Mortenson. Born in Finland, at the time part of Sweden, he emigrated to New Sweden in or before 1654. Mortenson died in 1706.

John Morton, great-grandson of Morton Mortenson and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was born and lived near the land he's ancestor owned.The remains of the earliest known structure on the Morton Homestead site lie under the south room of the cabin. It could have been a sauna.

In 1937 the cabin, believed to be the birthplace of John Morton, was purchased by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The cabin, by this time in a dilapidated condition, was dismantled and reassembled. Many of the materials that made up the cabin were replaced, the fireplace and some of the logs in the walls are original.

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