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Rodney & Darlene Ikola Hibbing 2007

5th Finglish trip July 2007 #16

Rodney Ikola is a trained geologist. He was born in Esko, Minnesota. His parents were from Finland and before going to school Rodney did not speak English. Darlene Ikola, nee Koponen, was born in Wadena, Minnesota.

A 1957 Esko High School graduate with degrees from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and the Universities of Minnesota and Utah in geology, mathematics and geophysics, Rodney Ikola traveled worldwide during his 56-year career. He was affiliated with the Hanna Mining Company from 1970-1982 before becoming an independent consultant. His clients included major mining companies and he worked in some of the world’s most remote areas, including Siberia, western Australia and the Andes Mountains, as well as throughout Europe and North America.

Ikola also has an interest in all things Finnish, a passion that began during his boyhood on a Thomson Township farm. He holds dual citizenships in Finland and the U.S. and for many years was a member of Finland’s Expatriate Parliament. He served as president of the Finnish Club in Hibbing, where he now resides.

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