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Eetu and Valtteri Hannula Calumet 2007

5th Finglish trip July 2007 #9

Wesley Edvin (Eetu) and Walter (Valtteri) Hannula are bachelors, who have kept a dairy farm near Calumet all their life.They still grow potatoes for their own use, but the deer eat them, leaving only onions and garlic. The brothers speak English with each other, but swear in Finnish, sometimes in a very strong language.

The Hannula brothers’ mother was born in Tervola, North Finland, and their father here on Calumet area. Their grandparents were already here in the in the 1880s, moving into a house abandoned by a logger.

They now laugh about how the Finns wound up with the fields in the area with most of the stones, while the French immigrants were given the better ones, but ”the stones for the sauna stove are close by.”

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