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Voluntown 2006

4th Finglish trip September 2006 #11

Arthur Nieminen's mother, Edith Anna Maria Williams (Viljanen), came to America and his father, Arthur ’Arttu’ Olavi Nieminen, was born in New York City. The father's family moved to Voluntown, Connecticut, to raise chickens, which was common until the 1950s. His grandparents were among the founders of Aura Hall.

The old Voluntown Aura Hall, dedicated in 1927, was destroyed by fire in 1980. A new hall was built by work-bee in 1981. Over 300 people came to hear the New York Finnish men's choir at the dedication of the new hall. Voluntown's first permanent Finnish resident was Matti Kurikka in 1912.

At the time he was the editor of the Finnish American daily New Yorkin Uutiset.

Arthur kept dairy cattle, at best over 100 cows. He is now retired and helps his son Daniel who carries on with gardening and farming. Daniel lives next door in the former house of Arthur's parents.

Arthur keeps a few horses for his own pleasure and as a pastime. Rebel is 24 years old, and is sometimes harnessed to an Amish buggy to give children in the neighbourhood rides. Arthur has built a small barrel-shaped sauna on the shore of a pond.

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