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Suomi 2005

2nd Finglish trip August 2005 #10

Sunday morning in Suomi, Ontario Canada. Logger Dorsey Oinonen is playing pool in the local Dog House - Koiratorppa on Impi Ln, he lives near in Nolalu. His mother was a Finnish-speaker and his father a Swedish-speaking Finn. Dorsey’s father had a farm and did forestry work, but the son works with a chainsaw. Dorsey Oinonen is married and has five children. He speaks Finnish, which his children also understand.

The means of livelihood, however, are dying out, because forests are now cut with harvesters, there are no fish, and hunting is not allowed. Inhabited by lumberjacks, Suomi was a haven for Finnish leftists. It has now fallen silent. A gas pump, a bar and liquor store and post office in connection with a grocery are still to be found.

Next Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

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