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Palo 2005

2nd Finglish trip August 2005 #8

Palo is a small farming community in the middle of St.Louis County in Minnesota. Palo means fire in Finnish. St.Louis County extends from Lake Superior up to Canadian border. It is one of the many places Hiski Salomaa sings about in his song 'Lännen Lokari'...Luisis on puitu.

In 1905 gave State authorities permission to set up a Post Office at the intersection of St.Louis Coyntry Road and Country Road 111. It was named Palo Post Office, it was in operation until 1933.

The heyday of Palo was in 1920-30s. There were four schools, Palo Suomi Synod Church, Palo Congregational Church, Riento Temperance Society, Palo Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association, Palo Telephone Company, Palo Co-Op Store, Palo Socialist Chapter.

Since 1937 in every February Palo has celebrated the annual Palo Laskiainen Finnish Sliding Festival, the longest running ethnic festival in Minnesota

To the north from Palo are the mining tows of Iron Range: Aurora, Biwabik, Virginia and Eveleth. To the south are Makinen, Saginaw and Duluth and Lake Superior - Yläjärvi.

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