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Esko 2005

2nd Finglish trip August 2005 #6

Donald Kinnunen's father Antti drove the biggest snowplow in Minnesota, the plow is now located in the Esko Historical Museum. Donald himself is a third-generation immigrant and Esko Historical Society activist. Donald's grandparents came from Suomussalmi Finland in 1893.

The Esko Historical Society maintains the Museum, which has collected a number of buildings and artefacts that tell the Finnish heritage. And visitors get to enjoy pullakahveista, coffee and bun, by Sylvia Siltanen.

The community got it's name from Esko's Corner Store, Eskon nurkan stoori. Alex Esko built the general store in 1919. Esko Fire Department was founded in 1949 and Jeff Juntunen is the present chief.

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