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Finns Bay Road 2004

1st Finglish trip August 2004 #1

After two days leaving from Finland my wife Päivi and I found ourselves in a sauna at Finns Bay Road in Echo Bay Ontario Canada. It was Lili's sauna, near was also a mail ordered barn from Pohjanmaa and a small house, where Lili, Ilmi, Helvi, Maggie and Agnes where having coffee and pulla. Or was it nisu or pitko or lendi or vehnänen. That was the subject of their conversation. No conclusion. But there was good löyly in Lili's sauna and Lake Huron's water was cool.

We were on a three week trip with my cousins Agnes and Maggie, and we would visit the places they have lived in with their parents Eino and Hanna. Eino was my uncle and had emigrated Finland in 1928 to seek work in Canada. I had a plan to take photos on the way and maybe do a little exhibit of the trip.

I have taken with me a Mamiya 7, a medium format camera and a Leica M6 and a bag of roll film and 35mm film. I was shooting color negative. In 2004 the digital cameras had poor quality. We would drive to Sioux Lookout in northwest Ontario, on the way we would visit Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. The trip would take us around Great Lakes through Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan to Sudbury or Suppuri Ontario, where my aunt Mirjam had lived from 1951 to 1977.

Next Sioux Lookout.

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