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The Old Kinnunen Store Wolf Lake 2011

11th Finglish trip August 2011 #26

In the southern part of Becker County in Minnesota lies the threemile long Wolf Lake, Susijärvi, deep in wilderness. In 1888 Johan and Minnie Wirkkanen moved to this area with their two sons, Carl and David. It is said that it took them six weeks to reach this area from New York Mills, where they had been living previously.

That same year they were followed by Aapeli and Kerttu Kinnunen, who also had two sons, Kalle and Gabriel, and who also came from New York Mills. After them came Jeremias Soronen in 1889, and two years after that came Henry Hemminki with his family.

The first girl was born in 1893, to Mr. and Mrs. Hemminki, and her name was Ida Aliina. The first white boy born there, in 1894, was Ivar, son of John and Maria Wirkkanen. Wolf Lake, Minnesota's estimated population is 56 according to the most recent United States census estimates.

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