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Allan & Sylvi Hentilä Pearl River 2008

7th Finglish trip September 2008 #39

Allan Hentilä was born in New Jersey in the USA and Sylvi Hentilä nee. Oksanen was born in Vallila Helsinki in Finland. Both were born in 1924. Before the war Allan´s family moved back to Finland. In Helsinki Allan started to work in the laboratory of the Orion Company. Allan and Sylvi met there since she worked there as well. Sylvi studied at the Ateneum Art College, at the same time she worked at the Arabia factory as a porcelain painter.

In Finland Allan was not drafted to the Winter War because of his leg injury, instead he went to America. After the war Allan arranged his parents to move back to America. He wrote to Sylvi and proposed, she agreed and moved also to America. Allan started to work as a dyer at a carpet factory, he considered his work as art before computer time. Sylvi worked at a decoration company as a painter.

In 1955 their son was born and Sylvi stayed at home since. Sylvi sings in a Church choir and she paints as a hobby. Allan hikes at the nearby Bear Mountain and he loves to ski and skate in the winter.

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