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Owen Christensen Gardner 2008

7th Finglish trip August 2008 #18

Owen Christensen´s mother Helmi came to US from Ilmajoki in 1918. She met her Danish-born husband in New York City. Owen was born during a shortage in Bronx. Owen is a war veteran and G.I. Bill made his studies possible. He received his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts. By 1956, roughly 8.8 million veterans had used the G.I. Bill education benefits

Dr. Owen Christensen is an internist in Gardner, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Heywood Hospital. Owen still works 10 hours a day, he is a Sunday School teacher in the Congregational Church, he plays the trombone in the band, he also has a sauna in the back yard of his house.

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