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Juhannus - Midsummer Sudbury 2007

5th Finglish trip June 2007 #1

The Bible Center Midsummer celebration at Hannah Lake. Once considered to resemble the moon, the landscape surrounding Sudbury has been reclaimed from the mine rock and sediment of the local nickel smelting plants to a place where one can again celebrate Midsummer surrounded by green leaves.

Raili Kultalahti cooked pea soup in a field kitchen is served at the war veterans’ event at the Finnish Canadian Grand Festival.

Juhani Salomaa says that he is of the age where he ”no longer remembers Finnish and can’t learn English.” Juhani was born in Alavus and he injured his hip while doing his military service in Finland. He was treated at the Tilkka Military Hospital in Helsinki, where he fell in love with Marjatta, from Rääkkylä in East Finland.

”Founded and maintained in the Finnish tradition, we strive to provide quality aging in place (a continuum of care) for our multicultural community.” It is in these terms that Sudbury Finnish Rest Home Society Inc. defines the present mission of Finlandia Village on the shore of Lake Ramsey. Rest homes and care facilities for the elderly have been founded in Finnish communities in various parts of North America. The original idea was to provide services for elderly Finns in their own language.

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