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Työmies Bar 2005

2nd Finglish trip August 2005 #5

The Työmies Bar is located in the former printing house of the Finnish leftist newspaper, Työmies. The present owners, however, don’t know what this Finnish word means, or how to pronounce it.

The Työmies Society, which published the newspaper of the same name, Työmies, was founded in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1903 as a Socialist organ. It moved to Hancock, Michigan already in the following year. Partly as a result of the hostile climate prevailing in Hancock, partly because of the failure of the Copper Strike of 1913-1914, the newspaper was moved to Superior, Wisconsin in 1914. Työmies in 1950, then a Communist newspaper, was merged with also a Communist organ Eteenpäin in Yonkers, New York, to create Työmies-Eteenpäin. It continued to be published from Superior, Wisconsin into 1995.

Historical photos with permission from the Immigration History Research Archive, University of Minnesota.

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